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Welcome to The Cat Hospital Rainbow Bridge



Our online Rainbow Bridge honors the memory of our

cat companions we loved and still miss.






We Remember

Maximillian Carlisle Stewart

called "Max"

2000 - 2012

We had our sweet baby boy for 12 years

and he was the light of our lives.


We got him as a baby of 6 weeks old,

and as you can see, he grew into a beautiful healthy boy.


He will be missed always

and will live in our hearts forever.

Our thanks to Lisa Stewart for sharing this memorial tribute!



We Remember

"Marshall Dillon"

April 1999 - March 2013


Marshall Dillon was greatly loved by all and

enjoyed going to make social calls at the Cat Doctor clinic.



Our thanks to Wendy Stephenson

for sharing this memorial tribute!


We Remember EB


We lost our sweet EB on Thursday, August 2, 2012.  He was born on March 22, 1992, in our closet, and we had just recently celebrated his 20th birthday.  Everyone loved EB, and he was special because he loved back.  He was a lap cat to the extreme and loved to be petted, cuddled, and patted on his back.  But he also seemed to enjoy hugs, kisses, and even wearing funny birthday hats.  EB lived a long and giving life in large part to Dr. Coker and all his friends at the Cat Doctor.  Saying thank you doesn’t seem adequate, but our heartfelt thanks and gratitude go to Dox, Kate, Jessica, Aleatha, Gywn, and all the other staff throughout the last five years who have treated and cared for EB (and cleaned his nose).  Without their care and love, we would have missed these last five years with him.  We miss you, snuggle bunny, but we know that you are now healthy, happy, and young again.

All cats love Heaven, they know the way there,

They know where the angel cats fly.

They’ll run past the stars and the moon and the sun,

To curl up with God in the sky.


Our thanks to Geep & Sharon Moore for this lovely memorial.



Our thanks to Becky Rudisill

for sharing this lovely memorial tribute.


We Remember Chloe Victoria

1989 - 2010

The love of my life departed on September 13, 2010, after 21-1/2 years.  Her name was Chloe Victoria.  She leaves behind a step-brother, Mac, and a grief-stricken grandmother and broken Mother.  There was never a more special bond between two souls.  She was there for me in thick and thin.  She began to have bouts of dementia from time to time, and signs of early renal failure--but we needed each other in such a profound way.  I will miss her FOREVER.  God truly has an angel with him, in peace, sweet girl.....Momma, Mac & Gran-mama R. 

Many thanks to Dr. Coker & Staff at The Cat Doctor.





We Remember Kitter-Kat


May 2005 - May 2010


Kitter-Kat stole my heart 5 years ago as a young kitten I rescued from Hwy80 on a sunny Memorial Day weekend.  I would have never imagined that after just 5 years later to the day, he would exit this world to go to Heaven the day after Memorial Day 2010.  He is the most beautiful cat I have ever known and I'm thankful he choose ME to be a part of his life.



Ashley Hosey


Our thanks to Ashley Hosey for this lovely memorial.


We Remember Sassy & Gumbo


Sassy, 1995 ~ 2-13-08


Gumbo, 9-26-96 ~ 11-28-08

Our thanks to Lea Green for these memorials.