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Heartworms are easy to prevent in cats by a simple monthly pill or topical, however, very dangerous and costly to treat once your cat gets heartworms.  Year-round Flea and Tick Prevention is also necessary to prevent transmission of disease.



Did you know?

  • The flea you see today came from an egg 3-8 weeks ago.

  • Every flea lays an average of 20 - 30 eggs      PER DAY. These fall off your pet into the environment,  therefore you must treat the environment for at least 3-8 weeks.

Two steps to effective flea prevention:

  • Treat all pets with an effective product 

  • Treat environment

  • We'll help you choose the right prevention products


Treat your environment


  • VACUUM slowly!!!.  Each pass of the vacuum picks up 50% of the eggs, 20% of the larva, & 0% of the pupae.  Since larva are smaller than a thin piece of thread, vacuum over the cracks in the hardwood and edges of the floors along walls.  Vacuum under & between the couch cushions, including the bottom surface of the cushions where the pupae can lodge.  Vacuum rugs, cat post, top of the couch ledge where cats like to sit, pet bed if not able to wash, and the car.  Throw out the vacuum bag or wash canister with detergent.  Hint: Steam cleaning kills all life stages of the flea. Vacuuming does not.  Hint: Detergent on hard floor surfaces (linoleum/tile/hardwood/etc.) will kill all life stages of the flea.

  • WASH pet beds, pet fabric toys, blankets on beds regularly.

  • TREAT YOUR HOUSE AND CAR WITH ANTI FLEA PRODUCTS:  Treat your home with aerosol spray using Zodiac area spray from pet stores or Knockout from vet hospitals.  Spray carpets, couches, cat posts, pet beds and car.  Repeat every 10-14 days and thereafter, at least every 3-8 weeks.

  • Use powders from pet stores that are scrubbed into the carpet.  For example, Flea Busters guarantees no fleas for 1 year.  Not safe for use in homes where people or pets have asthma.

  • DO NOT BOMB.  Bombs will not go under any furniture.  They will not go around corners.  If you choose to do this, all pets have to leave the house. 

  • TREAT OUTSIDE WHEN OVER 60 F:  Focus on the shady areas such as under decks, under bushes or trees.  Fleas don't like direct sun.  Many products exist that hook to a hose & are sprayed. 






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